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September 2011

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Drama Drama Duck Application

Player nickname: Shade
Player LJ: scshade
Way to contact you:
Email: sgshaday@yahoo.com
AIM: sgshaday
Other: MSN, which is the same as my email.
Are you at least 15?: Y.
Current Characters: N/A
Character: Samuel Leo Fisher
Fandom: Splinter Cell

Character Notes:
History: Agent Fisher was born in April 17th of 1957 and raised like any other kid of his time: in a lemonade stand kind of place in the suburbs of little Townson, Maryland. He was raised by his father, never actually managing to meet his mother who left them when he was but a baby. The green-eyed boy of the sly smirk grew up alongside his adoptive brother Peter, a child who Sam's father, a C.I.A. operative at the time, saved when Peter's biological father died due to his double agent work during the Soviet Union, not  unlike many other valuable informants of the time. The brothers were inseparable, disappearing often through days due to the seriously that hide and seek had for them. Let's say that they were no strangers to the back of the milk boxes.
Time moved on, with Sam having troubles through his growth. He had his first loss when his parents died, and it was time for him to take on his father's boots so that he could take care of his younger brother. Since they were young, they both attended a boarding school, where Sam's somewhat aggressive behavior gained him some looks. It was not easy for someone as young as him to get used to the new world that cracked under his feet. Both brothers graduated, though, with young Sam moving into the military for college money, and little Peter following his footsteps. While Peter studied Criminal Justice and jumped quickly through positions until reaching for Detective, Sam chose Political Science, truly thinking it useless, but having no clue how much it would come to help him later in the career that would define him.
After his first years in the Army, Sam found his calling and transferred himself to the US Navy where his potential exploded. He quickly opted for the volunteer ranks of becoming a SEAL, working in the anti-terrorist Team Three and later on moving into the highly classified counter-terrorist United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group, commonly known as SEAL Team Six or DEVGRU. While being a SEAL, Fisher served in different places, including South America where the commander of his team and friend, Douglas Wayne Shetland, was captured by the FARC. Disobeying direct orders about staying in camp, Sam took his own personal mission to get Shetland out and stop the guerilla movement in the area by getting himself caught and destroying the guerilla camp from the inside. This incident depicted the determination bordering on stubbornness and clear loyalty, from Sam even in the files that now the NSA holds of him.
It was also during this time that he was chosen for a program that allowed an interchange of the best men and women from the different US military branches. He learned a great deal about the other branches and how to adapt to them, but it was also here where he met a lower rank officer, a younger man by the name of Irving Lambert who was later going to become his boss. He spent the years that he needed in that constant interchange while being part of the US Navy before he moved into deeper waters such as JSOC or Joint Special Operations Command which is a component of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). He didn't spend as many years there and moved to  the C.I.A., and being an action man he decided to join Special Activities Division (Special Operations Group) of the C.I.A. following his father's footsteps, ending the job that his father started. It was about this time that the Soviet Union fell.
During this time, life hit him in a way the experienced, but young, soldier never expected. In the 1980s while working in an U.S. military base in Germany under the C.I.A., he met the woman that finally stole his heart. Regan Burns became his wife in and also the mother of his child. Although it started as an affair, Fisher doesn't think of it as a mistake. He truly loved her, and so did he love his daughter Sarah, the small green-eyed girl who would become the key for the soldier's humanity. Although it's unclear as to why, Fisher and Regan later divorced and she had Sarah's surname changed. It is said that Sam's addiction to his work combined with the constant worry over the security of his family caused the rapture. The later could be the main reason.
To add to Sam's list of loses, Regan died of ovarian cancer, just when everything was settling down between them. He spent Regan's last year by her side until her death in 1989. A young Sarah came to live with the father that she barely saw. This forced him to leave active duty, and even though he was still in the C.I.A., his job turned into training rookies instead of spending his time risking his life in the field. Here he had an affair with a young trainee that didn't last as much as he would've want.
Although Sarah's relationship with her father had a rough start -and he never blamed her for her rage- Sarah understood her father's work and in time their bond grew stronger. So strong it was, that Sarah became that symbol for him as to why ever fighting for his country. She later changed her surname from Burns back to Fisher, something that Sam wasn't very cheerful about for security reasons. With Sarah as a teenager and soon to go to college, Fisher continued his career after his old friend Irving Lambert praised him for his work and explained to him the need to have him to join Third Echelon (3E), an ultra top-secret division within the National Security Agency (NSA). Fisher accepted the job with Colonel Irving Lambert as his boss, only after Sarah approved of it. But things were too good to be true. It was also close to this date that Fisher lost his brother, Peter due to intoxication via radiation poisoning a case that he himself solved. The amount of focus that was needed from him to stop the terrorist group without falling into despair is something that many admire from the veteran. Few selected ones understood the pain that took over once everything was said and done.
When Sarah applied for college, things came to loneliness for the veteran. It was about this time that after ten years of being in no relationships, after ten years of celibacy,  that Sam had an affair with his Krav Maga instructor, Katia, someone who he grew incredibly attached to, until she was killed by a bullet that was aimed for him. He still blames himself for that. It was also around that time that Third Echelon was infiltrated by black-market investors. He lost a friend, someone close to him by the name of Carly St. John. Curiously enough, her death opened the way for Anna Grimsdottir, who would become, perhaps his closest friend, not only to him, but to his daughter.
Fisher went from mission to mission, but nothing would essentially touch him as much as the Chaos Theory incident in 2007. Killing a Georgian President in 2004 and stopping cybernetic warfare seemed common to him. Putting an end in 2005-2006 to a probable wide spread virus of a mutated type of pox was in the "To Do List" for the veteran. In 2007, he met with an old friend, someone who he had rescued and someone who had helped him before. Shetland came back to the picture when the algorithms created in 2004 for cybernetic warfare became lost. Never would he had imagined that one of the main keys that opened Pandora's Box, that blew up the "unhackable" Walsh, that nearly placed China and North Korea in a crash course against the US and its allies, was his oldest friend "Doug". So much was his loyalty that he promised Lambert that he would take care of Doug if it came to. It came to it, and Fisher ended with the life of his "old friend" in an act of self-defense. With the mission done by stopping Japanese General Ottomo from a possible WWIII, Fisher could never be the same. Killing his friend had taken part of him.
Sam continued to work under Third Echelon with his usual loyalty up until 2008. After successfully finishing a mission in Iceland stopping missile from launching, Fisher was extracted quickly, the sad news of his sudden daughter's death shaking his every core. She was supposedly killed by a drunk driver. He tried to protect her from the world, yet, a drunk driver killed his daughter. He had lost that symbol, his reason to fight. He had lost his connection with the world that surrounded him. He lost himself.
Wounded and without anything to lose, Fisher accepted what was perhaps the most dangerous mission of his entire career. He was to infiltrate a terrorist organization within US soil serving a double agent to gather information and sabotage any attacks that the JBA (John Brown's Army) could have launched. It wasn't easy. From jail, where he earned the trust from a member of said organization, to the JBA HQ itself, to having to kill his best friend, Irving Lambert in order to keep his cover, in order to stop the nuclear attacks in US soil. Lambert wasn't the only one he lost. During his time as a double agent in the JBA, a wounded Fisher had crawled into the arms of Enrica Villablanca, a woman who was inside the organization out of blackmail. At first, everything seemed to be a way for him to get information, but as the old man got closer to her, he found himself trusting her, caring for her. They were supposed to run away together after the whole thing ended. She was killed by a Splinter Cell on orders by the new bureaucratic Assistant Director Lawrence Williams of Third Echelon. Sam killed the Splinter Cell, ending -or at least thinking he ended- his career and all connections concerning Third Echelon. He did came back to his old building, to sneak into William's office and retake what files Grimsdottir had kept safe of his persona.
Three years later, Fisher caught a whisper in the wind saying that his daughter's death had been no accident of any drunk driver killing her, that it had been no joke of the destiny. Fisher went back to search for answers, for true answers, and for blood. Events twisted when the ghost of his former agency reappeared, but this time, they were hunting him down. Grimsdottir seemed to be the only link that he could count on, but everything confused him, up until she told him that his daughter was alive. No longer was the veteran confused. He knew what he wanted to do, and that was to get his daughter back. In order to do so, though, he had to play the game again. With Grim leading his every step -much like old times- Fisher uncovered what Grimsodottir already feared, and what he personally thought people like Shetland and Emile -leader of the JBA- had foreseen. Third Echelon's corruption ran deep, to the point that the agency had alliances with even the Vice President. Then there was Megiddo: a shadowy organization that gave him the creeps, reminding him of some sort of powerful movement that would resemble the so called Illuminati, or to his own understanding, The Shop, that old black-market store with a hold on everything akin to Megiddo's .
With his daughter's back with him, his involuntary last mission, walking the streets of the burning Washington DC, seeing the families he used to protect dying around him, seeing his country in panic, kids like his daughter running around... The imagery, woke him up, and now he's back, back to the agency that is struggling to recover from its corruption with the careful leadership of Anna Grimsdottir. He's back to do what he's done best...
...To be a Splinter Cell...
Personality: Fisher is basically a man that prefers to be alone, whether it is in the field or in his personal life. He doesn't have a lot of close friends except Lambert, Grim, Frances Coen and Redding, and enjoys the company of a few selected ones including his daughter, some old friends from the SEAL days and Grim from whom he has learned a great deal when it comes to technology and others. Thus this make him an individualist; a self-dependent human being.
As a reserved man, Sam doesn't talk as much but he tends to be good and somewhat philosophical with the use of words when doing so, depicting the long years of experience through the things he says and in times the dark sense of humor he's known for. That doesn't mean that he has lost that certain childish and even innocent sense of humor to the point where it could be confused with his sarcasm. Sam tends to rely on the usual 'smart' comment when remembered of things that seem to obvious for him or when treated like either to old, or too young, although the sole mention of him being 'old' bothers him a lot. Few are the ones that manage to get away with those jokes towards him and bring a smile to his face.
Although James Bond's style isn't his, Fisher tends to be flirty with nearly every woman he sees, but he's able to hold himself back and knows his limits, always being respectful. Even if he is flirty, he fears relationships because of the many failed ones that usually ended with the other one dying or suffering. Call him selfish, and perhaps he is, but he is certainly afraid of being hurt again knowing that it will be extremely difficult for him to consciously hurt someone he would be so attached to - something that he learned the hard way through life - and knowing that if hurt, his wounds don't heal as fast. However, he grows attached really fast to the people he cares for and would go as far as to kill and/or die for them. Sam loves a good challenge, any kind of challenge whether it is risking his life as usual or trying to convince a lady for a date, or having a date that is a challenge for him whether in an intellectual point of view or even physical point of view.
Sam usually takes a methodical approach to things - planning them first and acting on them later. However, sometimes his tactics make his strategy turn riskier than he planned. This had earn him a few injuries, but injuries that he rarely regrets. He's an street-smart man that relies a lot on 'experience over books'. However, even if he doesn't give the impression of being very smart, he is, and even if he might not look the part, Fisher is indeed a 'bookworm'. In fact, Sam is a man that learns and adapts quickly to either a technological advance or a change in world politics. An example of this, is the highly advanced equipment he easily uses for the job that requires it. However, even if all this equipment could help him a lot, he tries not to rely too much on the technology in order to keep himself self-dependent.
Even if Fisher seems like a man of a calmed and collected manner most of the time, some people have been able to known him by his anger. It's good to point out, that is rare to see Sam losing his determination or focus because of emotional distress but it's not something that hasn't been seen. When in extreme anger against his enemies, he's able to stay determined and focused in his goal although it's certain that his enemies do suffer the consequences. Sam tends to be a character with certain burst of depression whether it is because of something that is currently happening, or because of the painful things that he had been gone through in his life or both. He 'stacks' every painful memory, so to speak, and mostly resorts on the self-destruct mechanism of blaming himself over the negative effect of something even when it wasn't his fault. It's true that only hard enough situations are the ones that usually work like the trigger of said mechanism. Fisher keeps himself away from alcohol of any sort when he can. This is mostly because of how alcohol plays a dangerous part when in deep depression, clouding his mind. Whether this explains his addiction to orange juice or not is unknown, but fandom has established it as something possible.
He is quickly angered by the casual slaughter of civilians or unarmed military personnel by his enemies. Also, liars, cowards and arrogant people tend to cut his patience short as well as people who overuse their power such as bureaucrats which was the main reason for him to leave the C.I.A. Sam approaches his enemies in a ruthless and no-nonsense manner and usually keeps a light conversation with his temporal hostages. He doesn't have too much patience when it comes to interrogating and resorts on his dark sense of humor and threats that are everything but idle. Do mind, he's not a sadistic man, but will do anything he needs to do to get the job done.
Fisher is a man that believes in respect, dignity and compassion towards even the most unlikely individuals as proven in the first three games, in which he had gone to the point of disobeying direct orders because of what he believes is right. Loyalty seems to be another one of his strong points to the point in which he has sacrificed himself various times despite the knowledge of a possible betrayal by the person/agency that he holds in high regards. Call him determined, call him stubborn, Sam is more than just a focused soldier and a patriot. He is a man that is driven by the roots of his moral fiber in doing what he believes is right. This pushes him through even the toughest circumstances like the death of loved ones.
- His affinity to orange juice.
- Playing the piano.
- Drawing.
- Reading... reading too much, and watching The History Channel or The Military Channel whenever he gets the chance.
- Getting up way too early in the mornings for his usual, yet unusual, workout routine that keeps him in shape.
- Enjoys cooking.
Additional Links:
- Wiki Page
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- DeviantArt account which contains some of my other writings concerning SC.
First Person Sample:
[Video feed comes in with some static at first. As it focuses better, the camera shows a man that seems to be in his forties, but in good condition, staring at nowhere in particular as he leans back on an awkward bench. The room around him is dark enough, but the glow on his face -probably from the only light source being a monitor- shows his pensive expression clear enough. The wall behind him seems built of some solid metal with compartments that disappear to his sides into the darkness. He's wears a tactical vest, and what looks like a wetsuit made of rhino skin -Kevlar and something else probably- under it. He presses his throat, that spot on top of his Adam's Apple.]
And here I am... again...
[His voice comes as direct as if he were wearing a microphone around his ear. Said voice sounds like thunder wrapped in velvet. It's strong, nearly a growl, but low, and at the moment, calmed. There's a pause...]
Might as well...
[His green eyes move from here to there.]
There's this unique experience that some of us want, some us... not so much...
In my case... such an experience -maybe even more than that- has become a symbol for doing everything I do as a daily basis.
[A pause.]
It's become part of me.
It's become my link to the world; a world I simply thought -honestly so- disaster-prone.
[The middle aged man smiles a little, his lines of expression being revealed with such a gentle gesture.]
Every single thing I do comes back to that certain link.
[He shrugs.]
I'm a soldier. I fight for my country, but literally put... I-I can't even begin to "protect" a whole country, and even more so when I consider the corruption that sometimes crawls into what you think safe...
[He sighs, his eyes staring at the camera.]
That's when that link to the world becomes concrete...
Such link is the reason why I fight, why I take a bullet, why sometimes -even if I really don't enjoy it- kill others to protect that treasured link.
Without that link, I'm just a weapon with legs.
[He chuckles, an awkward laugh that could have belong to any comic book villain.]
No... actually... Without that link, I become... I become an unreasonable being, throwing my life away into danger without a care. Sure, the instinct to survive is still there. I'm human after all...
But... the fact that I step out of my safety zone, the many bullets that rush over me, the curses and the insults that go oh so well with my last name, the scars of burnt skin from a grenade that fell too close to me...
[A smirk.]
...All of those things and more remind me that I forget how fragile I am when such link is disrupted; when I close my eyes and I feel disconnected, when I can't see...
[The smirk disappears, turned into a frown, a deep one as his he looks down, bending forward, elbows apparently on his knees, although the camera doesn't provide that low an angle.]
It's frustrating...
[He takes a breath, composing himself and looking back at the camera. His expression changes into a soft one, something apparently rare to see in that face.]
But such is the importance that one experience in my life took for me. Sarah, my daughter, is that link. Sarah, my Princess, is my world and the reason I fight for, the reason I stay alive for. I... can't protect a country, but I can and will protect her however I can.
And so I fight for the links of every parent out there without any of them knowing that I even exist...
That's what being a father is like for me...
[There's a tender smile as the man's green eyes stare at the camera.]
I love you Sarah.
[A few more seconds pass before the strange looking soldier leans forward, gloved hands turning off the camera, or apparently trying to.]
Fisher out...
Third Person:
It's late at night, a sky with no stars in some classified place of the world. Most people sleep comfortably in their bed in some side of the world, while the other side wakes up to a morning sun. But to him, it's dark, cloudy and silent. Perfect night to work.
The veteran asked to be alone before the start of his mission as he usually does. He apparently was recording something with his OPSAT, that military type palm around his arm. Once finished, he had placed it around his wrist again and dug back into his reading. In between his reading of The White Rhino Hotel by Bartle Bull, he looked at the digital watch around his wrist.
Never going to finish this book, he thought. After coming back to his agency, Fisher hadn't had the time to actually sit back and relax. Rebuilding Third Echelon was a hard job that he decided to take for the sake of finishing what was started. To be honest, he just wished to be at home while his daughter took some vacations from college. But here he was, sitting and waiting in this old Osprey. He knew the details of the mission. He knew what to look for. There was just one thing left to do...
The red light on the back of the Osprey turned green, and Sam stood up, slowly from his seat, placing the book carefully in one of the compartments behind him and closing it. He checked his re-breather was working nicely, checked his weapons, stretched a little and pulled on the balaclava. Goggles up on his forehead, his green eyes stared at how the ramp of the Osprey opened up, going down. The soldier nodded, taking his steps to the end of the ramp as he shook his arms. Then he stopped at the tip, the ocean's wild waves below him meeting the rainy storm above him. He closed his eyes, shutting out the noise. There was something in his ear, someone giving him a go, but he didn't listen. He just stood there, his heartbeat and slow breathing being the only thing that reached his ears.
This ritual was something he often did before going out on any mission. It was as important to him as breathing and eating was. Sam's mind flew over the waves, away from the Osprey and back to Germantown where his daughter was coming home to stay at his house with the proper security thanks to Grimsdottir. He imagined her, her smile widening when reaching the house and looking at the lake, her complains about him never finishing up the garden. What would she eat? Where would she go? What would she do? He just kept that picture of his smiling daughter in his head. There was a time in which such ritual only provoked distress on him; destroyed his focus, angered him even. It was a time in which he thought she had been killed, murdered. But now that she was back, that hole had been filled. He could find peace in the middle of a storm... literally.
The Osprey shook under him, and again he heard the words on his ear.
Fisher smiled a little under his mask, pulling the goggles down and the mouthpiece of the re-breather up. He came back from Germantown back to the storm, his eyes settling on the angry waves.
He was still smiling when he jumped from the ramp.