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September 2011

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Siren's Pull Application

Here be the application to RP the Splinter Cell character, Sam Fisher. Took me about 12 posts... so it's really long. I got inspired, LOL.

Also, I would appreciate if no comments are posted in here for the sake of keeping things organized. If you wish to reply on something concerning this application that feel free to go to the Siren's Pull HDM post and letting me know that your reply is about this application in your post.



Sam Fisher [1/X] Player and Character Information


NAME: Shade
AGE: 21
AIM SN: sgshaday
EMAIL: sgshaday@yahoo.com
BONUS: HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT SIREN'S PULL? I've been looking for a place to RP Sam with and meet new fandoms and people. scribble_cloud is the guilty one on getting me here.


CANON SOURCE: Splinter Cell
CANON FORMAT: Videogame and novel
CHARACTER'S NAME: Samuel "Sam" Leo Fisher
CHARACTER'S AGE: 45 (following the stated age of the first game, Sam being exactly 40 years old instead of the stated year of birth from Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.)
WHAT FORM WILL YOUR CHARACTER'S NV TAKE? The NV will be a program inside his PDA/OPSAT. This way he can link his cochlear implant (subdermal) and his goggles (for video feed) to the network after a failure of communication with the outside world.

Sam Fisher [2/X] Abilities

CHARACTER'S CANON ABILITIES: Trained as a sniper at first, Fisher has 'Mark and Execute' eye, so to speak. Although rare, it is possible for him to miss a target. However, this isn't a superhuman characteristic but rather an ability that he acquired from his long years of training and practice same as his ability to aim and shoot with both hands even if he is right handed.
When it comes to weapons, Fisher's extended knowledge comes in handy to either use, customize, design and with some time even build weapons, from pistols to rifles to knives, plus some knowledge that he has surroundings the unlikely weapons such as swords and bows (those two more as a hobby). He's as dangerous with a pistol or a rifle as he is with his knife, never underestimating a weapon nor the enemy.

Other than that, Sam is skilled in the Israeli martial art of Krav Maga, a combination of different forms of martial arts. Krav tends to go more towards self defense while the offense tends to be quite lethal and usually includes broken joints and even the chance to induce paralysis on the enemy for a certain time with certain hit(s) unto central nerves such as simply knocking out enemies or others, or even death.

Years as a black-op has also gained him the ability to see even better from the dark spots than from lit ones. Although light doesn't damage his eyes, he has the ability to adjust quickly to darkness and when his vision isn't enough he resorts to his other senses, specially hearing.

Fisher is very flexible and athletic as it is, even though it's getting harder to stay flexible at his age, but he's still able to make full split jumps and dangle with his legs from pipes or edges where he can aim, shoot or make a surprise attack on someone. So far though, Sam is known for being fast on his feet, fast in his line of work and on his infiltration style including using the sport of parkour as more than just a hobby and in times even a lethal weapon. Basically, think 'modern day ninja'.

The old man is also a good swimmer. More than a decade serving as SEAL did most of the job on helping him to stay under water for a rather long amount of time of 4 minutes. He swims as fast as he 'parkours' and can swim for a long periods of time and sink himself pretty deep earning the nickname of 'Fish' when in the SEALs from both his ability and his last name. 'Fish' is able to accomplish silent assassinations from the water by swimming out of it and dragging people down before stabbing them or breaking their necks quickly. Water is his home and has always been.

CONDITIONAL: IF YOUR CHARACTER HAS NO SUPERHUMAN CANON ABILITIES, WHAT DORMANT ABILITY WILL YOU GIVE THEM? As long as it is approved by you guys, I like the idea to slowly and progressively make Sam a master of shadows...literally. If you guys played DnD, you'll know what a drow is. They control shadows around them and can used them for stealthy purposes mostly: vanishing from one spot to the other in a short range, use them as cover to hide, prepare an attack by confusing the enemy surrounding the area around them with shadows and others ways mainly for cover. In addition, later on and with some practice, Sam can be able to use shadows as weapons (like darts of the sort) if he finds himself without any of his weapons or in a very difficult situation. To add a weakness to it, if Fisher uses this ability too much, for longer periods or to travel long ranges under the involuntary cover of shadows, he could collapse and lose consciousness mostly because of the stress caused to his neurological system. It should work only when there's no other way around it, and mostly when he's just simply plain panicked. With time he'll be able to slightly control them, but the fact that he could collapse still persists. Of course, the ability will remain dormant for a long while until he actually needs it. You tell me how this sounds; if I should or not add or take anything away.

Sam Fisher [3/X] Weapons and Equipment: Weapons 1

WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT: If there's something that Sam knows very well... Here's a link to the Splinter Cell Wikia on weapons. Since there are too many, I'll point out here and summarize every detail of the ones that are standard to Sam to make things easier and also because I don't like making things up or making my fellow RPiers' life difficult. I'll also make an Equipment session for the same purposes. So help me God...

---> Weapons--->
- SC 20K - The SC 20K is a customization from the Israeli FN 2000 that can shoot up to 400 fps (feet per second) with the slight modification of the common barrel that shoots up to 350 fps and it's a standard NATO 5.56 x 45 mm round, each magazine containing around 30 bullets. It also carries its own built in suppressor, a dry silencer, which quiets down the shot but makes it harder for a first time shooter to aim. On top of the rifle, Sam can mount two devices to make his aim much more easier:
oo Reflex Sight -Easy to use sight, no zoom included. The target will be marked by a red spot inside the sight instead of having to use a rather not so stealthy laser that might give him away.

oo Computer Assisted Scope - Assisted by his OPSAT for longer shots or in order to use the NV, TV or EEV vision modes. It counts with zoom capabilities too and the details for the wind and distance of the shot in the corner of the small monitor with a dim green appearance.

Fisher mostly uses the CAS in order to make things easier and not having to deal with the constant change from sight to scope although it's not rare to see him with the sight in occasions that need it. The scope goes just on top of the sight, so in case the CAS doesn't work, he can always resort back to 'old school' by simply detaching the CAS to use the sight. The rifle also counts with various attachments. Depending on the mission at hand, Sam chooses two of the attachments to take.

oo Fore-Grip Attachment - It's the basic attachment and it allows Sam a firmer grip on the rifle for greater precision; very rare for him to miss.

oo 20mm All-Purpose Launcher Attachment - With its own independent trigger mechanism, this attachment allows Sam to launch different devices, each with its own characteristics:
------ Sticky Shocker - Once loaded, the sticky shocker will be set, well, to stick upon any surface it is released onto hitting the target with an electrical surge that will be enough to knock him/her out. If Sam shoots an SS into a pool of water, the water and everything in contact with it will be affected by the electricity as well.
------ Sticky Camera - Once shot, the sticky camera will stick to upon any surface quickly activating itself. The OPSAT sends the video and audio feed back to Sam from where he can control its point of view allowing him to get a better view of the surroundings. Has NV and thermal vision modes and zoom capabilities. Other than that, the sticky camera counts with a variety of recorded noises and sounds (pre-programmed or even recorded into just before launching) to distract an enemy. If the enemy comes close enough around the perimeter of the camera, Fisher can always activate the knocking-out gas from his OPSAT, although the lenses of the camera become useless, thus destroying the camera.
------Gas Grenade - The gas grenade produces harmful hydrochloric fumes that will rapidly knock out anyone in its radius who is not wearing proper protective gear.
------Ring Airfoil - Use to hit someone unconscious and preferably shot on the back of the neck or close to the shoulder. Yeah, strong headache when waking up...
o Sniper Attachment - Equipped with a modified barrel or said sniper attachment, the SC 20K is capable of firing a 20mm APDS (Armour-piercing discarding sabot) anti-materiel round designed to penetrate hard targets and armored positions. Fisher is able to hit long-distance targets with high precision (450 to 500 fps). However, it's loud and a suppressor for it it's still in the designing stages.

oo Shotgun Attachment - The shotgun's main purpose is for close-quarters offensive situations. Quite effective for taking down enemies on one shot.

Sam Fisher [4/X] Weapons and Equipment: Weapons 2

- SC 5-7 or SC Five-SeveN - This is the standard pistol for every Splinter Cell. The 5-7, also made by FN Herstal, is a 20-round, semi-automatic handgun with an attached suppressor that uses NATO 5.7mm ammunition. Although the military handgun is designed for its bullets to cut through Kevlar armor, the SC Five-SeveN takes about two to three bullets to take an enemy down if the shots are not meant for the head. This could be explained by the use of subsonic ammunition. These slower-moving rounds are used to quiet the report by eliminating the supersonic crack of a bullet traveling faster than the speed of sound. The suppressor reduces the report of the pistol further by slowly allowing gases from the barrel to expand and escape, resulting in a soft "pfft" noise. The SC 5-7 is much quieter than the SC 20K. On the bottom of the barrel, there's what is called an OCP or Optically Channeled Potentiator prototype. Once aimed and triggered, the OCP disrupts the lights or electronic equipment desired for a temporal amount of time. It also needs time to recharge after used. He might be able to build a rough prototype of the OCP with some help from a curious scientist around the area since he'll be carrying the modification of the Five-SeveN called the FMP8.

- SC standard knife 'Protector'- Sometimes modeled as a Gerber Guardian Back and others as a Masters of Defense Keating Hornet knife, the knife is a plane double-edged 4-6 inch knife with a dagger that cuts through anything with a small hilt good enough to hit someone and knock them unconscious. When attacking with its blade, he always aims for the heart, throat, or axillary artery, and thus a single strike with the weapon always results in the immediate takedown of the target. In addition to being a deadly weapon, Fisher also makes use of it as a multipurpose tool in the field. He can use the knife to interrogate suspects, cut tent-fabric, chainlink fences, wires, and plastic sheeting, break locks, disable small machinery (such as gas powered generators), defuse bombs, pry hidden microphones from walls, and strip wires to tap into phone lines and camera feeds.

- SC 303 - The SC 303 is basically a 7 round FN 303 less-lethal launcher. It shoots rubber bullets and tranquillizer darts. Fisher usually uses it when working as a double agent and infiltrating certain places that are normally unavailable for him to pass by as seen in the old gen version of Splinter Cell: Double Agent.

- Other than the usual weapons mentioned above, Sam is capable to adapt himself to any kind of weapon. In his tactical vest he also carries a variety of grenades and gadgets from the simple lock pick, to the electromagnetic lock-pick, to grenades like the M67 Fragmentation Grenades, rapid-release smoke grenades, EMP grenades to disable surrounding electronics and flash/stun grenades.

Sam Fisher [4/X] Weapons and Equipment: Equipment: 1


- OFW Suit - Here's a link for more information: http://splintercell.wikia.com/wiki/Mk_V_Tac_Suit The 'Objective Force Warrior' suit (a customization of the Mark V Tactical Operations Suit) is not only tight in order to silence the movements of the body, but it is also tough and incredibly flexible; tough enough for sustaining bullets from 15 feet or more in which they might penetrate the suit, but not the wearer and flexible enough for Sam to do any kind of stunt he wishes to do. The elephant-skin-like texture of the suit consists of photosensitive cells able to sense the heat of light whether it is from a light bulb, the moon, the sun, fire or even the laser of a sniper rifle. The suit counts with a microprocessor that analyses the signal of said heat to the OPSAT (OPSAT information below in this section). The OPSAT takes the signal and interprets it back to Fisher, whether like the so call 'Light Meter' that allows Sam to know how much light is in his current position (from dark to bright - it also depends on how the suit adapts to the dark spots), or like an alert system by pressing onto his forearm in order to tell him that he's under the scope of a possible sniper. The suit also has the ability to store water in bladders distributed evenly through it for about 12 hours and also supplying for the odd concept of 'filling up the uniform' every so often. This water supply also helps for the temperature control of said suit through the thin vessels embedded within the uniform's lining. A circular device attached to the 3 1/2 wide inches belt that connects to the suit allows Sam to either make his suit hotter or cooler.

In the need for Fisher to swim deeper waters, the OFW can be equipped with a small oxygen tank that attaches itself on the back and close to the Sam's neck. The oxygen pipes stretch from there and rest on the front of the suit just above the chest. To make it easier, the pipe system sneaks inside the suit and goes out just above the neck in order for Fisher to pull on the mouthpiece and place it on without having to remove the balaclava in case the surroundings are way too cold. If not, he can always remove the balaclava and adjust the oxygen supply to a mask that would allow him to breathe and talk. (See pictures on Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory - New York level, Hokkaido level and El Cargo level, and Splinter Cell: Double Agent - Iceland level.) The OFW is mostly easy to adapt, no zippers needed. The gloves and balaclava that he sometimes uses, also has the same abilities that the suit does. However, under said suit, it's nearly impossible for Fisher to feel something from the outside.

- Tactical Vest - The tactical vest, or sometimes straps, comes over the suit; a collection of water proof and air-type sealed pockets in order to keep electronic devices safe and minimize the bulginess of the pockets. Magazines and attachments are usually stored there. By the right side of his thigh, is his Five-SeveN pistol holster and at his left side more pockets and magazines probably for the SC 20K considering the size. Both the belt and holsters are attached to the tactical vest, except the temperature control that goes over the belt which is attached to the suit itself. The back of the vest also has a piece of a lightweight metal covered with Kevlar that provides the SC 20K rifle for an easy-to-draw-from holster covering most of his back, from his left shoulder to the right side of his lower back. A radio also hangs on the back of his vest of straps that allows him for fast and easier communication through the frequency of the subdermal (a cochlear implant - one part on top of his Adam's apple for talking and the other behind his right ear for listening). On the back of his waist, the belt attached to the tactical vest provides for a metallic sheath covered by Kevlar to place his Sykes knife.

Sam Fisher [5/X] Weapons and Equipment: Equipment: 2

- OPSAT - The OPSAT, designed and programmed by Grimsdottir, is a compact wrist-mounted military version of the standard civilian PDA. Through it, Sam can receive mission objectives, download data from a terminal (audio files, image files and text files) or from HQ, upload data, use it as an interface for either easier communication with a terminal or even receive the real-time images and audio from sticky cameras. He can also use it for hacking purposes in a short range along with the goggles or with other devices in order to hack cameras and others. Usually, the information of the mission is sent by Grim to this device along with maps, pictures and descriptions that might help Sam to complete his mission. The OPSAT is programmed in a way that it will be easy to access for each Splinter Cell, almost personalized. Other than the OPSAT there is also the subdermal, a cochlear implant that allows Splinter Cells to receive radio transmissions while not allowing the enemy to notice any sounds or to even triangulate the signal, the last one occurring only if Sam is underground where he could lose communication if the signal isn't strong enough. To communicate back to HQ, Splinter Cells use a PTT (Push-To-Talk) transmitter located close to the vocal cords that translates data for use with a voice synthesizer located at their HQ headquarters.

- SC Goggles - The trademark that are the goggles, 'tri-focal goggles' or 'tri-goggles', called by many and called Multi-Vision-Goggles by Sam, is what identifies the usual Splinter Cell. Fisher's goggles have three modes of vision and binoculars attached to them. Night vision (NV), thermal vision (TV) and electromagnetically enhanced vision (EEV) are the three modes. The optic cable that he uses to collect feed from cornered places has these three modes too but the image is received through the OPSAT. Using the goggles in EEV will allow Fisher to scan for electric devices and to know if the device is OCP affected (for OCP look under the weapons description for the SC Five-SeveN), available to be hacked, explosive danger, laser designated and/or remotely accessible. If the icons for 'Hacking Available' and 'Remotely Accessible' are on view, Sam can use the goggles for wireless hacking by pointing the goggles to the desired device and opening an interface through the OPSAT. While the goggles work like the monitor, the new keyboard would be the OPSAT. The goggles' video feed and even radio feed (if available via earpiece if not the radio should prove enough for it) can be enabled for someone to see and/or hear in a certain frequency from a computer, but both devices need to be set up first. In other words, everything that Sam's sees through his goggles is transferred back to 'HQ'. (Could work really nice using the City's network to set it up).

***It's good to point out that the three green lights are not really visible nor is the radio or the OPSAT dim glow. In the game, the lights are a mechanism for the player to know where Sam is if the surroundings become too dark. There is, though, a very dim green glow behind the goggles but it's only visible if one is as close as about an inch or less. Plus, the goggles being down on his face and active doesn't let the glow to be visible at all. The three bright lights makes good for crack RP but not for a more serious approach, LOL.

*** Sam will appear with nothing of this on himself, but rather carrying it in a bag with only his pistol holstered on the back of his pants. He'll be dressing casually with the suit under the casual clothing, pretty much like in Splinter Cell: Conviction, perhaps wearing some bandages as well. I'll make sure to explain why in the post.

Sam Fisher [6/X] History and Point in Canon


CHARACTER HISTORY: Splinter Cell Wiki for Sam's history . Although it's well done and polished, I'll go deeper in the personality traits. Also, I'll like to clear out that for this point, Sam is looking for the truth on what exactly happened to his daughter, after learning that she was alive following the storyline that we have so far. That would be the only change when it comes to his history.

POINT IN CANON: Taken just after Splinter Cell: Double Agent; in between Splinter Cell: Essentials and Splinter Cell: Conviction (the game). Sam's life went down the drain with the sudden and supposed accidental death of his daughter Sarah caused by a drunk driver. What didn't he do? In his desperation and almost a suicidal attempt, Fisher accepted the most dangerous mission of his entire career: insertion in enemy grounds through the means of serving a double agent; a double edged sword. The mission itself ended in success. That couldn't be said about Sam's sanity. Everything went wrong for him. Sarah was dead, Enrica, someone who he thought could have some hope with, was gone and there was innocent blood on his hands that he simply did not want. He thought, for a moment there, he thought that everything was done and gone. That nothing could hurt him more or lift him up ever again; that he could live his life in an eternal void that no-one would care to step in. There was not a lot of time before that changed. Information about his daughter resurfaced from the grave thanks to an old friend. Grimsdottir had discovered that Sarah was not killed in an accident; that the possibility that Sarah could be alive was a plausible one. For Fisher, that was enough to take him out of hiding, to take him out of his focus and into a new one; one that required revenge... one that asked for blood. With an agency hunting his back and only a few people to trust, Fisher set up his own case, following the trail of Sarah's supposed murderers while being helped by Grimsdottir, who's alliances were confusing him. Still, he was not about to reject a helping hand. She would help him to get the equipment necessary for his own mission and to get more clues surrounding Sarah's death as he helped her with the situation at Third Echelon: a conspiracy that grew bigger than he ever thought possible; a conspiracy that was 'bigger than his daughter', and perhaps one that could've involved the possibility of his daughter being alive.

CONDITIONAL: BRIEF SUMMARY OF PREVIOUS RP HISTORY: This Sam is fresh from the games. Not going to use other Fishers from other RPies, LOL.

Sam Fisher [7/X] Character's Personality

CHARACTER PERSONALITY:When it comes to his personality, Fisher is basically a man that prefers to be alone, whether it is in the field or in his personal life. He doesn't have a lot of close friends except Lambert, Grim, Frances Coen and Redding, and enjoys the company of a few selected ones including his daughter, some old friends from the SEAL days and Grim from whom he has learned a great deal when it comes to technology and others. Thus this make him an individualist;a self-dependant human being.

As a reserved man, Sam doesn't talk as much but he tends to be good and somewhat philosophical with the use of words when doing so, depicting the long years of experience. He has a dark sense of humor and tends to rely on the usual 'smart' comment when remembered of things that seem to obvious for him or when treated like either to old, or too young, although the sole mention of him being 'old' bothers him a lot. Good to note that Grim seems to be the only one to get away with those jokes towards him and in times even gain a chuckle from the man.

Fisher tends to be flirty with nearly every woman he sees, but he's able to hold himself back and knows his limits, always being respectful. However, he fears relationships because of the many failed ones that usually ended with the other one dying or suffering. He does grows attached really fast to the people he cares for and would go as far as to kill and/or die for them.

Sam usually takes a methodical approach to things - planning them first and acting on them later.However, sometimes his tactics make his strategy turn riskier than he planned. He's an street-smart man that relies a lot on 'experience over books',although he is indeed a 'bookworm' of sorts. Sam is a man that learns and adapts quickly to either a technological advance or a change in world politics. Even if all his equipment could help him a lot, he tries not to rely too much on the technology in order to keep himself self-dependent, something that sometimes Grim criticizes with the argument that his life is more important than his habits.

Although Fisher seems like a man of a calmed and collected manner most of the time, some people have been able to known him by his anger. It's good to point out, that is rare to see Sam losing his determination or focus because of emotional distress but it's not something that hasn't been seen. Fisher 'stacks' every painful memory, so to speak, and mostly resorts on the self-destruct mechanism of blaming himself over the negative effect of something even when it wasn't his fault. It's true that only hard enough situations are the ones that usually work like the trigger of said mechanism. Sam keeps himself away from alcohol of any sort when he can. This is mostly because of how alcohol plays a dangerous part when in deep depression, clouding his mind. Whether this explains his addiction to orange juice or not is unknown, but fandom has established it as something possible.

He is quickly angered by the casual slaughter of civilians or unarmed military personnel by his enemies. Also, liars, cowards and arrogant people tend to cut his patience short as well as people who overuse their power such as bureaucrats which was the main reason for him to leave the C.I.A.

Sam approaches his enemies in a ruthless and no-nonsense manner and usually keeps a light conversation with his temporal hostages. Do mind, he's not a sadistic man, but will do anything he needs to do to get the job done.

Fisher is a man that believes in respect and dignity and compassion towards even the most unlikely individuals as proven in the first three games, in which he had gone to the point of disobeying direct orders because of what he believes is right. Loyalty seems to be another one of his strong points to the point in which he has sacrificed himself various times despite the knowledge of a possible betrayal by the person/agency that he holds in high regards. Call him determined, call him stubborn, Sam is more than just a focused soldier and a patriot. He is a man that is driven by the roots of his moral fiber in doing what he believes is right. This pushes him through even the toughest circumstances like the death of loved ones.


Sam Fisher [8/X] Character's Plans, Appearance

CHARACTER PLANS: Fisher finds himself illogically pulled to this place just after the mission of his life started. He's confused, so the first thing that he needs is information, followed by means of communication with the outside world. If all else fails, then he'll use anything on his power in order to attain information as to how to escape this strange realm and continue what he had to do which is finding his daughter. He has no idea what's going to happen in between though.

Appearance/PB: Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell Conviction: Image 1, Image 2

Sam Fisher [9/X] Writing Samples: First Person (NV pov)


[Static... Complex yet simple static made of thousands of disturbed pixels that collide with each other in a mass of grays, blacks and whites. It goes like that for a while before the image of a man finally comes into the screen. Although the image is disturbed constantly thanks to heavy rain and fast movements of the device and the colors not being exactly clear, one can notice the man at the other side of the line is a middle aged man. Well, the lines of expression and the gray hairs do all the talking, but other than that, he looks relatively young; a rare contrast. Said man seems focused enough, but if the spectator was good at reading expressions, as in really good, he or she would be able appreciate a panicked expression behind the man's strong one. Said man shakes his head here and there, the device moving abruptly as if said person was in constant movement.]

I'm requesting aid. For anyone out there who's seeing and or listening to my frequency. I'm not sure what the hell is going on here...

[Then he stops talking for a minute, looking over at his shoulder with a slight hiss as the camera points to said spot. There's a whole in his gray shirt and a red liquid coming in between the damaged skin. He's bleeding.]

...I've been injured. I don't by who... or better yet what...

[By now, distress is clear. Confusion too. The colors around him change from the darkened sky into a more bright surroundings.]
Civilization... I thought I was never gonna miss it...

[The abrupt movement of the device he was using to record himself stopped as he leaned close to what seemed to be a wall. The sounds of rain doesn't seem to bother the rest of the com when the man presses his throat slight and talks while looking at something that is just lost to his eyes. After a moment of silence, he turns back to the camera and takes a breath before pressing his throat gently.]

If there's someone out there... by any chance...

[He lowers his voice]

Seems impossible...

[He clears his throat and his voice rises in tone again in that confident way as he looks at the camera.]

Name is Sam Fisher. I seem to be stranded in some godforsaken place. I already checked on other means for communication but there doesn't seem to be nothing else other than some sort of LAN. The perimeter runs over miles of... nothing... It's nearly pitch black... too much vegetation in the area. Clock marks 18:45, but with all the clouds... it looks darker than that.

[His fingers hover close to the camera and then they are gone in a second. At the bottom right of the screen some numbers appear that seem to be coordinates of some sort. Then his image is gone momentarily and a map is shown. It zooms in and marks his position close to an area marked as Sector 7. The map zooms down besides his coordinates and Sam comes back into sight.]

My location should be on screen now...

[Another wince that he tries to hide as he moves his hand away from his throat and the sound of the rain takes over his words.]

Goddamn arm is falling off...

[And again, he takes his hand to his throat.]
I'll keep an open channel through LAN to update my location on this video feed...

Sam Fisher [10/X] Writing Samples: Third Person 1


"Huh..." Fisher gasped as his lungs recovered the desired oxygen he thought had lost; his chest moving up and down erratically. "Whu... Where... What...?"

His eyes turned from here to there a panicked expression on his face. Everything around him was mud and grass, rain pouring down on him and making him cough every time that it sneaked into or out of his mouth. A stronger cough was enough to make his body react, his back slightly leaving the ground and making way for the throbbing pain that suddenly hit him.

"Ahhh..." Instincts shut his yell down as he fought to sit on the ground by supporting himself with his hands. One hand, though, failed and he fell back into the mud, face first. "For the love of..." He looked surprised at noticing how weak he was. Someone like him? Someone that trained to overcome things like these? It seemed impossible! But here he was fighting to at least pull himself to his feet. Let survival come next. He had to get up. And getting up he did...

Slowly, Fisher managed to dig all of his ten fingers into the mud and struggle to push himself up. His trembling knees followed the movements of his body. "Talking about finally 'acting my age'..." He would joke to himself to keep a leveled head regardless of the situation. Once his knees were firmly planted on the surface, he strengthen himself to look around taking slow breaths to control himself. There was nothing around him! Just rain, vegetation and... darkness...

"Where... where the hell am I?"

Green eyes scanned the place around him until he spotted his much needed backpack where his equipment was. With hands on his knees, Fisher pulled his right leg first and placed his boot firmly on the ground. Then came the other leg and he was able to slowly rise up although stumbling back somewhat. "Woah..." He finally managed to find balance and slowly make his way towards where his backpack was laying on the ground. He reached for it and checked everything inside was in proper order. Once he was sure of it, he reached for his FMP8, a slight modification to his Five-SeveN pistol. He sneaked it in the back of his jeans and swung the backpack over his shoulder.

"Location... Location..." First thing first, he needed to know where he was. Still, the information on this place wasn't as good. He could try, so he checked on his OPSAT and winced at a sudden pain on his left arm.

"What the...?" When he actually looked at it, he noticed he was indeed injured. His shirt was turned into shreds on that side of his shoulder and close to his neck where there were strange cuts that he couldn't explain. He inspected the injury meticulously slightly running the fingers of his right hand over the various cuts. He had indeed lost some blood and apparently enough skin. Usually, injuries for him came in the shape of bullets and knives, but these cuts were done by something else...

"What kind of animal would do this?" The cuts were deep and long made by what it looked to be claws of some sort and it hurt way too much. No wonder why he couldn't push himself up with said hand.

He winced again and ripped part of his shirt in order to make a quick tourniquet. Once that was done, he retrieved his OPSAT with his right hand and turned it on once sure that it still worked. The screen turned on in a dim green color and he quickly checked for any sort of connection.

"Hmm..." His fingers quickly went to the satellite connection logo. It seemed disabled or some reason and that worried him. Sam's complex OPSAT was designed to keep a connection with his radio and also his cochlear implant for means of communication. Having no signal meant no communication back to Grimsdottir. Still, the man was stubborn enough to try and give her a call.

"Grim, are you still around?" He said pressing his Push to Talk device over his Adam Apple. As expected, there was no reply, and Grim was not the kind to leave people hanging. He sighed, and tried yet again. "Anna?"

Nothing on the other side...

"Great..." This meant that he was probably disconnected from the outside world from wherever he was now.

Sam Fisher [11/X] Writing Samples: Third Person 2

His eyes turned back to the OPSAT after scanning the place around him and quickly noticed something new. "What's this?" He scrolled down on the screen with his finger until he spotted that the icon for wireless connections was detecting something around the area. He allowed the OPSAT to connect to it and quickly managed to set up his cochlear implant or subdermal to the new frequency.

First, he cleared his throat and then slowly pressed right on his Adam's Apple to activate the Push to Talk device on his vocal cords, wincing a bit at the movement of his injured arm. "Testing... testing..." It worked like a charm.

He wasn't expecting what happened next. With his eyebrow raised he noticed how the screen suddenly shut off. It still had batteries, mind you, but it just went down. A second later it was running normally but with an added icon with the letters 'NV' on it. Curiosity made him press the icon and it suddenly started to run an application he knew nothing off. It seemed like it was producing some kind of sound so he opened the channel so he could hear the thing through his implant.

"...ELCOME TO SIREN'S PORT" All letters in uppercase appearing on the screen with a voice that eerily sounded like Grim's, although he knew it wasn't her. The image disturbed itself with slight lines of static that slowly became stable. There was a series of ways to communicate, different frequencies that the program allowed him to see and other opened channels he thought he could use to communicate with the locals. The name of the place rang a bell from his time working with the NSA, but other than that, he didn't have much information about it.

Sam took a breath, his face depicting confusion. Last thing he remembered was having Andrei Kobin in his hands and asking him about his daughter. Last thing he saw was Grim's face telling him that they needed to work together or something along those lines; that she would help him find his daughter while he helped her to fight against their old agency that had turned corrupted. Now, last thing he cared about was Third Echelon, but the fact that he could actually 'find' his daughter was enough to drag him back in the 'spy game' that he had been running from.

He closed his eyes and thought about his situation for a moment. He was lost and stranded in some place he knew nothing off. It wasn't the first time, but still, this was angering him to no point. "Why now...?" Why now when he was so close to finding his daughter?

Sam Fisher [12/12] Writing Samples: Third Person 3

Nevertheless, Fisher knew he had to get out here and recognized that he would need the help to do so. Also the fact that he was losing blood through the injury was not helping either. It was raining and he was cold, hungry and confused.

For now, Sam decided to continue walking. He would turn his head here and there when the sounds were anything but friendly as he reminded himself about the probability of being dead. "Hell looks nicer than I thought it would..." He was not expecting to get to Heaven either way.

Something behind him made him turn around; a sound of something or someone crushing the grass behind him. "What the..." His feet took on some speed as he walked in between the vegetation and finally could see light on the distance. He took the chance to turn on his OPSAT again and send a video feed to the local authorities. He could play his FBI agent role with them, but first he needed to find his way around here. He connected audio from his subdermal to the video signal from his OPSAT and started to talk... Perhaps he could have better chances this way.

Tapping quickly here and there on the screen of his OPSAT, Fisher found an open common channel for communication. He checked his subdermal was working again and tried the camera on the OPSAT.

"I'm requesting aid. For anyone out there who's seeing and or listening to my frequency. I'm not sure what the hell is going on here..." To point out his injury, Fisher moved the OPSAT in an angle in which the lenses caught the cuts on his shoulder. "...I've been injured. I don't by who... or better yet what..."

He was trying to hide any distress or trace of confusion as he moved from within the vegetation to where he spotted what looked like a house. Lights were on although he wasn't sure if there was someone living in it. Fisher placed his left hand over his pistol with a slight wince and a smirk.

"Civilization... I thought I was never gonna miss it..." He said, looking back again towards the OPSAT 's camera.

Fisher took a break to lean close to one of the walls of the building he thought was were the farmers lived and checked on his injury once again while resting his bad arm against said wall. He took his hand away from the gun momentarily and pressed his Adam's Apple yet again. "If there's someone out there... by any chance..." Although... "Seems impossible..." And he clears his throat after that looking at his surroundings, the clouds darkening the area with their grayish gloom.

Sam's face turned back into an expression of self-confidence as he looked again at the camera and decided to explain at least half of his situation.

"Name is Sam Fisher. I seem to be stranded in some godforsaken place. I already checked on other means for communication but there doesn't seem to be nothing else other than some sort of LAN. The perimeter runs over miles of... nothing... It's almost night... too much vegetation in the area. Clock marks 18:45, but with all the clouds... it looks darker than that."

With the fingers of his right hand, Fisher tapped some keys on the OPSAT and waited for the image of the map he managed to download from the LAN to show up. Then some more keys as he explains the image that located him somewhere around a place called simply Sector 7. The name itself made him curious, but also made him realize the lack of history that the people in this place seemed to have. In fact, it reminded him of something taken out from Area 51, or some other military talk that he was used. He waited until the map's image and coordinates were both stacked by the side of the screen as he looked back at the camera. "My location should be on screen now..."

His left arm stopped his words, pain growing worse by now that he was awake. "Goddamn arm is falling off..." A pause. "I'll keep an open channel through LAN to update my location on this video feed... "

And now, he just needed to be patient... and apparently also careful.