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September 2011

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REPORT 0001 - Sam Fisher - Jammed Frequency

[Video comes in and the weathered veteran doesn't even notice. He just stares down at the floor a confused expression on his face. His green eyes move towards the camera and he chuckles. This is supposed to be a personal report, what he doesn't know is that this "community" is actually feeding it to his last contacts.]
I've had my equipment jammed, hacked more than a few times in my career. Grim programs this stuff, and hacking through is hard enough but...
[He shakes his head, green eyes looking down again.]
Never... [A sigh]
This is the first time I had so many people infiltrate my frequency. Although I told Grim of what happened, I really didn't give her much details... lest he thinks I'm insane. Maybe I am going insane... I don't know...
[He rubs his head quickly, running that same hand over his face and wincing a little when his fingers touch the bandage on the left top corner of his forehead.]
I've known DARPA to do... crap that I didn't think possible, and they do things that sometimes I don't have the access to even peek. It could be just me trying to look or a logical reason, but it could be DARPA messing around with crap they shouldn't.
[He sights, shoulders slumping down.]
But something happened.
[Green eyes look up, focus returning to his confused expression.]
And I wanna know. I wanna know if it is possible to actually... The implications that it could have... My wife...
[He looks down again, taking a deep breath to steady himself.]
I can't hope for much, but... maybe, just maybe... [He shakes his head.] Just maybe... And if not, if not then... [A shrug.] I'll drink all the juice this place can offer me. I'll study it and see if it becomes a threat. If it does... [He chuckles.] Well... Like I said, I can't hope for much, can I?

(( OOC:  Conected to the hacking incident. ))